The road to accomplishing your goal can be long and arduous.  Hardiman Consulting will prepare you for the trip and guide you every step of the way, complete with donkey, blankets, backpack, Bedouin tribesman and whatever else may be necessary!
Depending on the size and scope of an issue, Hardiman Consulting can work alone, as lead consultant or as part of a team.  An issue may come into play in the legislative, regulatory, public relations or legal arenas, or all of them. We are ready to work with you for a comprehensive solution.  
Mike Hardiman is not an attorney, but was welcomed back to Washington by Legal Times magazine upon his return from service in Iraq (reprinted with permission).  Mike has worked with law firms to win the battle in the court of public opinion while issues simmer in the legal system. 
Public Relations                                        
Press Conferences
Special Events and Street Theater
Promotional Marketing
Presenting to Capitol Hill and Agencies 
Client Testimony Preparation
Grassroots Coalition Building 
Vote Ratings Scorecards
Data and Statistical Analysis                       
Opposition Research
Situation Reports on Iraq
Psychological Operations 
Speech Writing
Ghost Writing  
Fundraising Appeals
Script Writing 


Hardiman Consulting


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