Sites related to property rights:

The Institue for Liberty and Democracy was founded by Hernando de Soto.  It assists nations with establishing property titles for land owners .


This Land is Our Land, a book on private property rights which I assisted in writing and editing, was published in 1996.


The American Land Rights Association, for which I was a lobbyist for several years, was the leading national membership organization advocating private property rights and public access to federal lands .     


Sites related to Iraq:


The movie My Country My Country by Zeitgeist Films.    



Iraq: Searching for Hope, a book by Canon Andrew White, named 2006 United Kingdom Christian Book of the Year at the National Christian Resources Exhibition, is available from Continuum Books, now named Bloomsbury Publishing .  An updated edition, ISBN 9780826497161, with new material was published in 2007.  

Canon White was awarded the international Civil Courage Prize for 2010 by The Train Foundation.  It honors "extraordinary individuals whose acts, undertaken deliberately, over time, have demonstrated steadfast resistance to evil at great personal risk." In 2014 he received the William Wilberforce Award for positive representations of Christianity   

The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, founded by Canon White, operates primarily in Iraq, Jordan and Palestine.  .  


The Denver Regional Council of Governments  has sponsored visits of Baghdad municipal officials to Denver, and Denver area leaders to Baghdad.  These efforts have been led by US Army Colonel Joe Rice, who served two terms in the Colorado legislature from the Denver metropolitan area.  


Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) is an independent humanitarian aid agency providing medical relief to violence stricken areas around the world .  


The List Project was dedicated to safely resettling Iraqis in America who were threatened due to their work for the U. S. government in Iraq.  It was led by Kirk Johnson, who was a USAID contractor in Iraq.  He was assisted by the law firm Holland and Knight including Christopher V. Nugent, and other attorneys including Susham Modi. 


Finally, a few words about the desire for freedom:

This threat (Arabic original) (English translation) was distributed in Baghdad neighborhoods three days before the national elections in 2005.  Terrorists said they would kill anyone who voted, promising to “cover the streets with the blood of voters.”  A large majority of city residents defied the danger and cast their ballots, producing a higher turnout than most elections in America.

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